Earthquakes Hit California

Series Of Earthquakes Hit California In July And August 2017

California and nearby areas are witnessing a series of seismic activity for the past one week. An earthquake of the magnitude 4.6 happened in Gold Beach in Oregon in August. Another earthquake of magnitude 3.4 shook the Running Springs area at UTC time Monday, August 14, 2017, at 11:11 AM. The epicenter was at a depth of 6km. Many people in the area have reported of experiencing the mild tremor. Areas like Southern California, Greater Los Angeles, San Pedro Channel and Santa Monica Bay experienced the vibrations. The tremors are continuing. California has experienced 29 earthquakes of magnitude 1.5 or greater in 24 hours from 13th August to 14th August.In the past seven days; the area has experienced more than 211 earthquakes. More than 900 quakes have been reported in the past 30-day period from the different areas of the state. It includes Gold Beach, Ferndale, Running springs, Bridge Port, Mammoth lakes, Ridgemark, Borrego, Anza, etc.

Largest quake of 2017

The largest quake in California of this year was experienced in Ferndale. This earthquake happened 8 months ago was about 6.5 magnitudes and the epicenter was at a depth of 12km. Ferndale which has a population of 1300 people felt the tremble for about 15 seconds. Though no major damages or injuries were reported during these series of earthquakes in California recently, scientists are warning of a major shake that may cause great devastation in the Southern California area.

Why is California experiencing a series of tremors?

The seismological position of California is the cause of continuous seismic activity. California falls in the most active and dangerous tectonic area. California lies in Pacific tectonic plate partly and partly on the North American plate. When these plates come in contact it can cause devastating earthquakes. When the plates are moving in different directions, the earthquakes will be harmless. The earthquake felt by people differ depending on the magnitude of the quake, the distance from the epicenter and the soil conditions of the area. The earthquake at Loma Prieta on 17th October 1989 was one of the most damaging earthquakes in the recent history of California. It killed 63 people.